Monday, August 29, 2005

Writing for Artists, Week by Week

August 30
Go over syllabus and explain the assignments, Hand out Phoebes. For next week--Assigned Readings: Nothing New Under the Sun by Fadiman, Les Voleurs by Burroughs, bios in Phoebe, Writing Assignment: Bio (less than 100 words), will be read aloud in class.

September 6
Bio due. Will share bios in class and discuss what we look for in a bio. Discuss Burroughs, plagiarism, and cut ups. Sign up for textual artist presentations.
For next week—Assigned reading: How to Write a Dada Poem by Tzara; Assignment: Cut up and 500+-word paper explaining your methods.

September 13
Cut up and method paper due. In-class found poetry workshop. We will review the cut ups in class and discuss our methods. Please bring scissors, glue stick, and article to cut up. During an in-class workshop, we will take Burroughs’ chance method of cut up a step further to create found poetry.

September 20
Class will not meet this week. In place of class, you are expected to attend one event from Fall for the Book (FFTB) and write about it. For next week—Assigned reading: The Material Word by Drucker, The history of writing (hand out); Assignment: One page essay on FFTB.

September 27
FFTB paper due. We will read them in class and discuss. We will also discuss history of the written word and Drucker’s essay. Class presentations begin.

October 4
More visual artist presentations. In-class we will attempt to put the artists presented on a timeline and in categories (futurists, Dadaists, etc.) For two weeks—Assigned readings: Not Funnies by Charles McGrath, begin reading Persepolis by Satrapi; Assignment: Visual/textual page with 750-word paper.

October 11
No class (Columbus Day make up)

October 18
Visual/textual page and paper due. We will present pages and discuss in class. We will also begin discussion of graphic novels and narrative sequence. For next week--Assigned reading: Finish reading Persepolis by Satrapi

October 25
Discuss Persepolis and narrative sequence in class. For next week—Assignment: Sequence and paper due. Assigned readings: Chapters 8, 9 and 10 by Drucker and Book as Object by Smith

November 1
Sequence and paper due. We will present and discuss sequence projects in class and begin discussion on books. For next week—Assigned readings: Never do that to a Book by Fadiman; Assignment: Image/Narrative Analysis, bring “book” to class for discussion, no paper due.

November 8
Narrative analysis due. Discuss books and alter books. For next week—Assigned readings: Notes on a Humament by Phillips, writing assignment: proposal due

November 15
Proposal due. Discussion of the Humament and the final reflective paper. For next week—Assignment: Begin work on altered book.

November 22
Resume workshop. We will be having a guest speaker to discuss resume writing for artists. For next week—Assignment: Altered book, paper, and artist’s statement due.

November 29
Altered book, paper, and artist statement due. Discuss components of your portfolio and the final reflective paper.

December 6
Portfolio due.


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